G4TV Canada violated broadcast laws!


The Mega Man
May 28, 2007
Saw a quick advisory message during a commercial break tonight and did some goggling. Seems last year when airing the animated show "Superjail" G4 only placed a PG rating for 20 secs on the show when it actually should of been a "18+" rating. Some people complained and after a ruling that was handed out on August 18th, 2010 they got to show this advisory at these specific times:

G4 Tech TV is required to: 1) announce the decision, in the following terms, once during prime time within three days following the release of this decision and once more within seven days following the release of this decision during the time period in which Superjail! was broadcast, but not on the same day as the first mandated announcement; 2) within the fourteen days following the broadcasts of the announcements, to provide written confirmation of the airing of the statement to the complainant who filed the Ruling Request; and 3) at that time, to provide the CBSC with a copy of that written confirmation and with air check copies of the broadcasts of the two announcements which must be made by G4 Tech TV.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that G4 Tech TV violated provisions of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Violence Code in its broadcast of two episodes of Superjail! on September 8, 2009. G4 Tech TV violated Article 4 of the Code by rating the program PG when the violent content in the first episode required an 18+ rating and the violent content of the second episode required a 14+ rating. G4 Tech TV also violated Article 5.1 of the Code by failing to broadcast any viewer advisory at the beginning of the first episode and then by failing to broadcast an advisory in both video and audio formats prior to the second episode. It also violated Article 5.3 of the Code, as well as Clause 11 of the CAB Code of Ethics, for its failure to mention the presence of violent and sexual content in the program in the one advisory it broadcast.
Link to the press release.

Link to the decision detailing what was shown in the episodes, crazy stuff!!

Here's some examples:

This scene included a number of instances of violence, among which: two women tearing off a man’s arms and then holding the severed arms between their legs as the arms spurted blood; a woman’s head exploding and her bloody brain popping out; a woman ripping off a man’s skin and other tissue until he was reduced to a skeleton; and Bruce and Alice punching each other.

The morning after the ball, Warden and Mistress were shown in bed together and Warden said “Thanks for the great sex, loser!” As the Ultraprison female inmates left, Warden said “Girls are nothing more than a pack of hormonally insane vixens” and then Jailbot’s face-screen flashed the word “HIV”.

Another scene showed the inmates watching a video of Diamond in which Diamond said “Did I mention that Galactoid females have six mammary glands and 14 pleasure holes?” That statement was followed by an image of an octopus-like female alien lying on a bed. Black bars covered her numerous private parts. Diamond commented, “The days just aren’t long enough on that planet.”

In another scene, Alice was annoyed at Diamond, so she removed her pink panties, rubbed them all over herself to absorb her sweat and then stuffed them into Diamond’s mouth. Later, a photograph showed Diamond standing behind a donkey as if he were sodomizing the animal. The donkey’s eyes were bulging.
Has anyone seen Superjail? The show sounds whacked!



Nov 23, 2007
camp lejeune NC
lmao guess they really crewed up there eh?

btw superjail is really really trippy, avoid watching while on acid/shrooms/pot/drunk/paranoid/psychotic/anything else that alteres yoru perception of reality.