Gears of War 2 Bestiary - The Creatures!


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Oct 12, 2007

These small and fast moving critters that explode when they get close to you; think of them as little suicide bombers. You always know they're around because you can hear them "ticking." Thankfully, one shot (from any weapon) is all it takes to blow one up.


You'll soon discover that the Kantus are a huge pain. Not only can they summon Tickers, but they can also revive injured Locusts. Tough to put down and heavily armed, they're dangerous adversaries.


The Locust High Priest, is one of Gears of War 2's best moments. Not only does he look like the Predator, but his powerful staff cuts through just about anything.


This guy should be familiar to anyone that played the original Gears of War. Although slow moving and stupid, this towering beast turns its enemies into mush with its Boomshot rocket launcher. Right before it fires, it growls "Boom."

Flame Boomer

Just like your standard issue Boomer, but with a funny hat and an unfunny flamethrower. Seriously, unless you want Marcus Fenix extra crispy, shoot this guy from a distance.

Butcher Boomer

This guy uses his giant cleaver to chop Rockworms and then serves the presumably delicious meat to tons of hungry allies. He also has no qualms about carving you up as well.

Grinder Boomer

The Grinder is a slow moving dolt, except it carried a Mulcher chain gun instead of a rocker launcher. Insider Tip: It growls "Grind" before unloading its weapon.

Mauler Boomer

If you see a Mauler, haul *** and find cover. Not only do they carry shields, which makes hitting them a pain, but they swing an explosive flail. Just imagine what happens when you get hit with that.


Standing almost 40 feet high and weighing over 20,000 pounds, the monstrous Brumak is a worthy adversary. Not only can it use its immense body to ram into things, but its weapons, which include a wrist gun and an energy cannon, make short work of COG forces.

At this year's Game Developers Conference, Epic Games hinted that you could ride them in Gears of War 2.


Drones are your standard issue grunts, bipedal creatures that use emergence holes to surprise enemies. They come in different types and carry an assortment of weapons, the most common being the Hammerburst assault rifle.

Cyclops Drone

We're not sure how this Locust got its slimy hands on a Lancer Assault Rifle, but we have every intention of getting it back. As its name implies, the Cyclops Drone wears a helmet with an opening for one eye. Keep that in mind while sniping.


Grenadiers throw themselves into battle, often running at their enemies without a care for their physical well-being. They also have a nasty habit of throwing grenades, and if that doesn't get the job done, their Gnasher Shotguns might blow your head off.


Locusts attack from the sky, thanks to these abominable creatures, which feature razor sharp teeth, tiny heads and plenty of tentacles. Up to two Locusts can ride a single Reaver, and there's usually weapons (rocket launcher, turret) strapped to its back. Kill the riders and then pick off the unmanned monster.


Locusts use Bloodmounts to traverse the battlefield in double time, but they also serve an offensive purpose, thanks their razor sharp tusks and claws. Killing the Bloodmounts' rider is a sound strategy, though doing so sends the beast into a wild rage. Exercise caution.


Corpsers aid the Locusts by digging underground tunnels. Killing one is difficult, since it uses its spider-like legs to shield its vulnerable belly.


Seeing Nemacyst make us think twice about flying. These living air mines explode upon contact, and pack enough oomph to destroy whole squads of COGs and even their vehicles.


Unlike most Locusts, Wretches can walk on any surface including ceilings. Despite being relatively weak, they often travel in packs and can quickly overwhelm you.

Theron Guards

These Locust field commanders wear fancy armor and carry their signature weapon, the Torque Bow. While dangerous, it takes them a few moments to line up a shot, giving you an excellent opportunity to blast them to pieces.


Worrying about getting hit by the Torque Bow is one thing. Snipers, however, are a whole other matter. Instead of charging onto the battlefield, these methodical and patient Locusts hang back and use their Longshot Sniper Rifles to pick you off from a distance. It's best to find cover, whip out your own Sniper Rifle and ruin their day.


Despite looking nasty, the Rockworm is a mostly harmless critter that would much rather feast on its favorite food, glowing red fruit, than tangle with you. Besides, we doubt you'd do much damage, since its rocky exterior is impervious to gunfire.


Unlike most of the enemies on this list, the Kryll murder without prejudice. It doesn't matter if you're COG or Locust. If you're caught in the dark, they'll shred you to pieces. To avoid them, stay in the light.


In addition to jamming radios, Seeders fire Nemacyst mortars. If you see one, fry its *** with the Hammer of Dawn.

Are there more enemies? Will we finally see the Locust Queen? You'll find out when Gears of War 2 arrives November 7th.

Some of these things look amazing.


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May 22, 2008
Wow, those things are really scary, I didn't realise gears of war was like that. Almost a horror game. And there's so many different ugly horrifying things. Brumak looks a lot like a chimaera. I don't like any of them except the boomers which are okay.


Nov 16, 2007
[QUOTE="zeon9881, post: 0]how long do you guys think gears 2 is?[/quote]

I remember Cliff saying about 4-5 hours longer than the first. So you're looking at about 13+ hours easily.