General Zod Giveaway season *week 3*

Mar 24, 2007
Your House.
Hello pathetic and puny members of PSU

This is your great and amazing leader General Zod here getting ready to announce my next giveaway scheme, once a week from now till July.

There will also be a storyline to go along with this giveaway which will start in June which will have bonus chances to win also.

First week giveaway is $10 psn card, entry ends Wednesday midnight, usual rules need over 500 posts, there is no sp cost this time.

1. Kuro
2. Deviousone
3. Arif
4. Naxi
5. Updator
6. Sir_Scud
7. Djpenny
8. Aaronsoldier
9. Dala
10. Ghost-Rayne
11. Fenix
12. Thorzilla
13. Mike
14. Nyfan
15. Redorb
16. Drdredetox
17. D3seeker
18. Ryo
19. manu
20. Nitey
21. kingstoph
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Dec 20, 2006
[QUOTE="Chille, post: 6068163]Sorry for slight delay, been busy congratulations Mike you win![/QUOTE]

woot woot, awesome news, thanks a lot =)
I've been low on money so there are lots of games I haven't buy, this should help =D

Thanks again.

What game do you guys recommend?
I'm debating between I Am Alive, Warp, and Marvel vs Capcom Origins; do you have other suggestions?
I know for some of them I would have to pay a little more but that's ok.
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