Geomerics to Unveil New Wavelet Technology at GDC 06


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Dec 31, 2005
Pretty neat stuff. Hope it's not a repost :)

Geomerics, the Cambridge-based company specializing in advanced graphics and physics technology, has developed a radical new solution that breaks the current lighting and shadowing restrictions currently faced by major game developers.

Geomerics' solution is a replacement for 'spherical harmonics', giving the same efficient compression of a lighting environment but now coupled with their geometric algebra and wavelet technologies. Their system handles dynamically changing lighting environments, moving objects and changing viewing angles. The technology not only handles diffuse lighting and soft shadows but also allows for dynamic specular effects to be integrated into the same pipeline giving rise to realistic glossy effects unobtainable from existing spherical harmonic implementations.

Geomerics' CTO, Jules Davis, said 'I am delighted with how this technology has progressed. It's extremely fast and GPU friendly, and has a great impact on in-game realism'. Geomerics will be giving a glimpse of some of their technology at the forthcoming GDC in San Jose from 22-24th March.

Lighting and shadowing are key elements in the rendering of realistic-looking next generation games. A well known currently used approach - spherical harmonic pre-computed radiance transfer (PRT) lighting - has the advantage of dealing with much of the computational complexity associated with realistic shadowing in a pre-compute step so that, at run-time, only a handful of simple operations are performed allowing an efficient GPU-based implementation. However, a fundamental restriction with spherical harmonic PRT is that it is impossible to handle light effects that change with the viewing angle such as specular highlights and it struggles to cope with highly dynamic lighting environments.

Geomerics has utilized the power of 'geometric algebra' to provide exciting and innovative solutions to geometric problems in real-time. This technology is poised to transform computer graphics in gaming, providing a major step-change improvement over the current state-of-the-art in terms of speed, achievable effects, and ease of programming.



Awesome, the question is, will 360 and PS3 games developers be able to easily adobt and adapt to this new tech.


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Feb 9, 2004
Lead developer for Dante’s Inferno Jonathan Knight has hinted that downloadable content is in the pipeline for the hellish action romp, though made it clear we won’t be privy to any information until later in the year.

Speaking to VG247 at Electronic Arts’ spring showcase last week, Knight commented, “No information on that at this time, but we’ll be talking about that probably later in the year.”

Knight was less than forthcoming on a target release date, adding, “All I can tell you is next year, not this Christmas.”

Due out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PC and Xbox 360, Dante’s Inferno is loosely based on the canticle of the same name from the ambitious Dante Aligheri poem, the Divine Comedy. Early reports point to 60fps and a decidedly Devil May Cry-esque feel – sounds good to us.

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