Getting a 2nd Xbox and have questions.


The Mega Man
May 28, 2007
Ok, long story short. Coworker who's not a gamer is selling me a new 360 4gb he got free with a new windows phone contract. At $130 it was a good deal I couldn't pass up and seeing my 60gb Arcade 360 gives me the E74 error sometimes I would have to get a new 360 soon enough. I do have some questions on having a 2nd 360:

Will my profile be accessible on both 360s or do I need to transfer it via USB to the 360 I'm playing? I have 2 PS3s and all I have to do is sign on the one I'm playing for my profile to appear, is the 360 similar or only through USB?

4gb is not even enough to install most games. If I buy say a cheap 16gb jump drive and plug it into the 360 can I install and play the games from that?

Are game saves locked to a system? Am I able to transfer say my Costume Quest XBLA gamesave, re-download the game on the new 360, and continue playing it? What about retail/disc games?

Thx, If I have any more questions after I get the system today or tomorrow I'll post them.

Apr 1, 2006
1. not sure about that, it might need to be on a usb.
2.yes you can play and install games on a usb drive can redownload the games and transfer saves via usb