God of War PC: AMD FSR 2.0 vs Nvidia DLSS Image/ Motion Quality Face-Off (DF)


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Jun 30, 2013

This was actually a really good comparison video, one of the better ones I've seen from DF in a while.

So, to me it seems like DLSS 2.x is still doing a better job overall than FSR (2.0). This is one of the reasons I want an NVidia GPU over an AMD GPU for my next build. But AMD is closing in when it comes to these upscaling techniques, that's good, NVidia needs the competition.


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Oct 8, 2007
Yup, this is useful for the high end, but imho its doubly important for AMD on their lower end stuff. The stuff that is likely to end up in most peoples homes.

With intel shipping their own proper GPU's that may, or may not, have their XeSS AMD kinda needed this. Otherwise their low end dominance would have been severely upended.

The fact that it's fairing quite comparably to DLSS, with only a few rough edges, is good for them - and by extension, good for us consumers.