Good start to Apr 1 for me... :)


Feb 11, 2008
South Carolina
So... someone at my local wal mart pre-ordered THREE of them, and never came to pick them up. So, they had to wait 30 days before they could put them on the shelf. Well, that was today. I got there 30 mins before opening. Patiently waited in the electronics section for the employee to make their way to it.

When she asked what I needed help with, I explained the situation. She said they don't have them. I checked with an employee last night, and they were still in the security room.

I have been checking twice a day, since Mar 4.

She came back and said she found them. She asked which one I wanted, and I told her al three lol. She said they can't sell blue items for more than one per person. I said that one person pre-ordered all three. /shrugs She said she would call a manager and clarify that.

After three calls to management, and no replies, she said "F" it. Sold me all three.

Two grey and one neon. :) Just after she handed me the receipt, the manager arrived. He asked what she needed, and she explained. He said, "no, it's one per customer". I walked away with all three.