Google Cache reveals info on Ubisoft’s next-gen game Fighter Within..

Aug 12, 2008
Just a few days ago, newly discovered domain registrations hinted at a next-gen game by Ubisoft called Fighter Within. Not much was known about the game at the time, except for the domain names and the fact they redirected visitors to a “Coming Soon” page on Ubisoft’s official website.

Thanks to Google Cache, a snapshot of the official website was stored on August 16, revealing several details about the game, which promises to provide users the excitement of a real fight and will be offered on the Xbox One and take advantage of the Kinect technology.

Ubisoft has since pulled the website, but not before Google Cache snagged a copy.

Ubisoft is expected to officially unveil the game at Gamescom in a matter of days, but here’s what we now know about Fighter Within based on text taken from the cached page.
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Jun 4, 2007
sounds like the perfect game for you guys after visiting this forum. Beat some virtual ass after being ticked off:snicker

Seriously tho, I want to see how this turns out..
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