GOW3 sig & Apple avy *5000SP*


Urban Ethnic
Jun 26, 2008
Turtle walk HQ
im looking for a GOW sig, sub size ( not sure what it is), i want it to stand out, not look like the others. with my psn (the_dubman) on there someone, nice and colourful, not all dull, thanks

and for avy, i would like a new imac avy, just a clipping of a new imac would be fine with nothing done to it, so anything more is an added bonus, thanks, the reward at the moment is 5000sp thanks to SchaffinOSX

EDIT: also i have a request for a 2nd avy, if someone could just cut out the last guy (just like his head, bit of blade and shoulder) in this picture and make it avy size...thanks