Granblue Relink new trailer plus Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising announced!


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Aug 21, 2008
Announced at Granblue Fest recently both games are coming 2023 according to Cygames it is coming for PS4,PS5(console exclusive) and PC

First English trailer and so far confirmed for 2023 which I hope it finally comes this year it looks great!
Showcasing fighting styles and some new playable characters announced! Looks really good!

Plus here is a trailer and details of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising it's a sequel.

Details of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Rollback Netcode and Cross Play confirmed
New story content includes chapters from the first game and new playable characters plus stages
All 24 characters from the previous entry are returning(including the DLC ones)
New Mechanic - Ultimate Skills
An even more powerful version of Plus Skills.
Briefly slows down the opponent’s movement, enabling new ways to land combos and punish openings or whiffed attacks.
That’s not all! More new mechanics will be revealed soon!
New Online Lobby Island
Mini multiplayer game Granbruise Legends
  • Rising Royale – Race to the finish while avoiding obstacles and use items to take out other players in this topsy-turvy battle royale!
  • Gold Brick Hoarder – Wrangle up Gold Bricks and take them to your team’s stockpile within the time limit. Just like in Skybound Sprint, you might need to play dirty to win!
Go head-to-head against others in various battle royale and team-based mini-games!
This is the dev that I think Sony should look into acquiring and they want to go into console development. They also working on Project Awakening and a couple of other games. Granblue is a very successful mobile game too has over 30 million players.