‘Greater “Choice” for Wireless Access Point Owners’ from Google...


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Aug 2, 2006
Google said:
Greater choice for wireless access point owners

We’re introducing a method that lets you opt out of having your wireless access point included in the Google Location Server. To opt out, visit your access point’s settings and change the wireless network name (or SSID) so that it ends with “_nomap.” For example, if your SSID is “Network,” you‘d need to change it to “Network_nomap.”
Google Blog

I rather do this:

Darby Lines said:
I think I'm going to change my WiFi router's SSID to "Fuck you Google you arrogant shits" http://bit.ly/toBbOz

Seriously, do they take crack at Google? Do humans work there?


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Jan 6, 2007
I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that this.. Marks your physical location?

What does Google Location Server do?

Edit: Honestly I'm torn here. The idea is solid and fantastic imo.. It has alot of good that it can do for their various apps like Googlemaps (which almost everyone uses).

Obviously I'm a bit unnerved that by default my access point will be used in this manner, and that there has been a history of abuse with this technology before (albeit not intentionally on their part).

Although I still find your adamant hatred of Google and limitless love of Apple deeply disturbing.

To be frank, this isn't all that dissimilar from the overtly malicious actions performed by Zuckerberg and Facebook. They make no bones about the fact that they datamine everything there is to know about you and sell it off to other companies.
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