GreatSpaceKoaster: 2 week temp ban


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Mar 7, 2007
This a PM informing that you have been moved to stage 3 for

1.1 Insults, threats, and personal attacks are in no way permitted. (No flaming)
:: In the spirit of civil discussion, members must refrain from any kind of personal attacks or insults against other members, be they direct or passive aggressive. This includes the likes of belittling someone’s opinion by bringing their personal preferences for example. If you are unable to respond to somebody’s argument without attacking them personally then please refrain from posting. This rule also covers all forms of harassment in both forums and PM.

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for this post: [QUOTE="GreatSpaceKoaster, post: 6216198]I thought the interview was great. Never seen Sony discuss their hardware to this extent and detail. Nintendo never discusses much of anything about their hardware....period.

I think this bodes well for the Xbox One. PS4 more powerful? So what! I'll paraphrase part of what Les Claypool of Primus told the crowd at Woodstock '94....... Constantly having to declare and reaffirm your console's power superiority is a sign of small and insignificant genitalia. :snicker

Can't wait for some Xbox One fun!:cool:[/QUOTE]
the 2nd part is an insult directed at our PS fans on the site, as you should know insults and trolling are not tolerated here at all, this infraction comes a 2 week ban and an additional 30 days probation.
You are running very close to perma-ban from the site, infact I have seen zero change in behavior on your part, the staff have give you many many chances. I think the next infraction will be looked at very closely.