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Jun 1, 2007
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Recently the following post of yours was brought to the staff's attention:

This goes to prove "No good deed goes unpunished".

I've seen the way people react to good news when it comes to the Xbox One in threads over the weeks. They will on one hand praise the Xbox One for selling well and congratulate Microsoft. On the other hand, they basically nullify that compliment by dismissively saying it wouldn't be that good had PS4 not been supply constrained. That's known as a "backhanded compliment" where you are giving praise, while at the same time are diminishing the very accomplishment you are praising.

First of all, that's speculation that it's due to PS4 supply issues. Second, I don't think I have ever heard of anybody going into a store to buy a $400 console and decided to spend $100 more on a different console simply because the $400 console wasn't in stock. I'm sure a couple idiots have done this, but certainly not enough idiots to explain the numbers. Especially when the Xbox 360 sold like gangbusters too this Christmas season.

I've never heard of a kid asking a parent " I want a next-gen console. I don't care which."..... OR..."I want a PS4. And if there aren't any, then go ahead and get me an Xbox One instead". it children or adults, usually know what they want. Especially when it's a purchase that's $400 or more. I can't see a kid asking for a PS4 and a parent shelling out $100 more just so the kid has SOME next-gen console under the tree in time for Christmas. Especially when kids are willing to wait until after Christmas to get a lot of the things they want through gift cards given to them at Christmas.

The only chance I see a parent defying a kid's wish is if he wanted a Xbox One and his parents said "Fuck no... I'm not spending $500 on a console. You can get the $100 cheaper PS4, or the $200 cheaper Wi U... or no next-gen console at all. Take your pick!"

I remember when the Xbox 360 launched supply constrained and the Sony crowd accused them of manufacturing fake demand by supply constraining it on purpose. But when the PS4 is supply constrained, somehow the same concept isn't applied to Sony.

Look.... I agree with everybody that the PS4 is selling better overall world wide thanks to either the price, the specs, the lack of bad press, the long established Sony name in gaming.....or ALL OF THE ABOVE. But you guys look silly praising an accomplishment you don't really take seriously just cuz you SPECULATE a lot of the purchases were made cuz people couldn't find a PS4. Makes little sense.:no

Anyways.... congrats to BOTH Microsoft and Sony. Not only did they both sell a lot of Xbox Ones and PS4s, they also sold a lot of Xbox 360s and PS3s! That's pretty darn good considering the STILL lousy economy. Gaming consoles are far from dead. The news of the death of console gaming has been greatly exaggerated.:cool:
This breaks the following rule:
1.2 Do not incite or work to cause disruption and drama. (No trolling)
:: For the sake of mature discussions, do not post controversial statements or opinions with the intent to upset or rile up other members.Be mindful and considerate and don't instigate arguments.

Instead of engaging in a discussion, you continue to make generalizations about the entire thread and insulting the PS users. You have been warned and punished for this behavior multiple times.

Because you have been put on probation and temp-banned multiple times for this issue, you are being issued with a custom ban:

6 month ban, depending on moderator(s) judgement + 6 months probation

Please note that when you return, you will be on probation another 6 months and subsequent posts that act against 1.2 or others will result in automatic permanent ban. You can see the rules and disciplinary measures here.

Note: This decision was agreed to by multiple staff members.
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