GT5 Tyre Comparison


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Oct 20, 2007
ive seen quite a few questions regarding tyres and what effect using 1 or another has on lap times and driving quality so thought id do a little test to fully understand how each of the tyres are modelled in game.

GT5 Tyre Comparison​

Test - drive several laps of the same circuit, in the same vehicle only changing tyre choice. I wasnt looking to set any lap records just have a few hot laps with each tyre and see what time was posted, and how the car responded to the tyre change.

Track - Trial mountain. This track was chosen due to good selection of slow and medium speed corners, several of which are either off camber or over crests which gives plenty of sections to completely unload tyres.

Car - BMW M3 - modifications include all engine mods (500bhp+), 6 speed fully adjustable gearbox, twin plate clutch & lightened flywheel. This car was chosen due to its classic FR layout, very good on limit handling and having enough power to get things out of control even with stickier tyres on. All aids are off except 2 TC because i cant change the brake sensitivity on my G27

Comfort Tyres

All 3 tyres in the comfort range drove much like tyres fitted to general production cars, ranging from hard which could be described as a budget tyre (e.g Nankang NS2), medium being a standard low power production car fitment tyre (Bridgestone ER300) and soft being a quality aftermarket tyre (continental contisport contact 5P).

Hard - 1:51.342

Trying to put 500bhp through this tyre was very difficult, accelerating out of corners required a very light pedal action, making sure the vehicle is pointing straight ahead before applying the power, even doing this giving 100% throttle in both 1st and 2nd gear resulted in wheelspin.

Braking for corners also required very steady steering and braking, with down shifting at anything other than straight ahead resulting in enough engine braking to kill traction and cause the rear end to swing around. The only way to combat this is to either keep all downshifting to the straight or to heel and toe.

Whilst both wheelspin through power and traction loss under downshifts can occur very very easily due to the general lack of traction controlling the slide is not difficult, you will lose time around the lap doing this but its not always a great deal due to slower corner entry/exit speeds due to low grip tyres.

Ideally this tyre should be used on low powered cars, however due to these tyres requiring complete dedication i think they are a great learning tool, allowing drivers to comfortably learn and control loss of traction.

Medium - 1:46.631

Much of what has been said above goes for these tyres, however due to a slightly higher grip coefficient these tyres were a lot more enjoyable to drive on. Looking at the time they are well over 4 seconds faster, but that in no way means these tyres give good traction.

Whilst the hard tyres were brilliant fun the almost constant loss of traction made hitting every apex quite difficult, and whilst the corner entry/exit speeds were faster on this tyre it was even easier to control when traction was lost.

Short shifting is something that wasnt mentioned above, but with the hard and medium tyres it is generally faster on several corners due to the ability to apply power. This was very noticable on corners 4 & 12.

Soft - 1:42.039

As from Hard to medium there is over a 4 second reduction in time, however much of what has been said above still applies only to a lesser degree.

corner entry/exit speed is now much faster due tot he ability to downshift/apply power at greater amounts of steering input. Saying this the back end is always more than happy to step out but it requires far more persuasion. The downside to this is whilst the medium tyre allows great control once past the limit the soft tyre requires much faster reactions to catch and control slides, and whilst faster than the medium it didnt feel as enjoyable to drive.

Sports Tyres

The sports tyres seem to range from high power production car tyres to out and out trackday rubber. All tyres in this range felt considerably sticker than the comfort tyres. The hard tyre being sporty production car (michelin pilot sport), the medium being fast road/track day tyre (Pirelli P zero Trofeo) and soft being what seems like a slick, realistically being a sports tyre id assume them to be road legal but even a road legal track tyre like the Toyo R888 wouldnt have as much time difference as i experienced between them.

Hard - 1:38.648

Even fitting the hard sport tyre, the difference between this and the comfort tyres is night and day. Power can be happily applied and corner entry/exit is only stifled by being hamfisted or off the racing line. There are also several corners (9 and 14-15) which can be taken in a higher gear.

This tyre and comfort medium gave me the most enjoyable and exciting driving, comfort for its over the limit handling and this tyre for allowing a decent amount of precision and speed whilst still allowing all 4 corners to let go on request.

Medium - 1:36.74

These didnt actually feel like a big jump up from the hard tyres as the times show, just all around slightly more serious. The biggest difference i did notice was witht he ability to be more hamfisted with the pedals and steering. This is the first time id describe the car as being on rails. However the crest and off camber of corners 4 & 8 still required the utmost respect.

Soft - 1:33.812

These tyres are ridiculously sticky and basically felt like slicks, which i assume is what they are (or very close to). Aside from the hugely fast closing speeds placing the car on the apex then sending 500 ponies out of the 2 rear contact patches is generally not an issue.

I didnt really get a huge amount of enjoyment from these tyres, the grip is to high and whilst it still requires complete skill and precision to reduce the lap times it feels somewhat tainted by the tyres outright grip. However there is still plenty of places to go wrong, and even a little wiggle at the speeds these tyres allow will mean that laps attempt at a fast 1 is generally ruined.

Racing Tyres

All 3 compounds of racing tyre could be represented by any manufacturers slick tyre lineup, with the softer tyres offering superior grip as expected. As you can imagine at this point lap time differences between compounds arent huge, as all 3 tyres offer huge levels of grip and control.

I wont break each tyre down into its own section due to their similarities, but the lap times and a small description is given below:

Hard - 1:31.840
Med - 1:29.831
Soft - 1:28.095

All 3 of these tyres literally allow you to trail brake and downshift right to the apex, and hammer the power tyre at the exact points its required, rarely ever having to lift to settle a flighty back end. many of the corners are now taken a gear up on the comfort tyres with only the off camber corner 12 and bumpy apex of 15 being cause for concern.

Whilst the cornering speeds these tyres allow is extreme, and the requirement on race bred cars sometimes a necessity, On this track with this vehicle it all but kills the driving enjoyment turning lap after lap into a robotic routine of brake, turn in, apex, power. There is no drama, just a ridiculous amount of speed and quick reaction time to knock the tenths off your PB.

I know for many races it is required to select a tyre that is able to match or beat the opposition, but for shear driving pleasure just get on the practice laps and put a set of tyres on your car that makes it come alive. I find it a shame that more of the career races arent restricted in what tyre can be fitted to the oppositions car, as i sometimes find im fitting tyres that i dont want to, or making my car more powerful to use the tyres i do.

The chart below lists all the times stated above:

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Feb 3, 2007
Wow, Awesome comparison. Thanks. Imo, (i didn't record the numbers) it seems like the effects are more pronounced on supercars and their ability to take corners.
Sep 29, 2005
I dont do this often enough but +rep for you. Great comparison with the maps and graphs.

Now do a 66 427 shelby comparison on the tires lol. That would be funny. Comfort tires may be in the 4 minute range due to not being able to rev past 4000 RPM even on the straights without fishtailing.


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May 15, 2006
[QUOTE="scottscorpion, post: 5337611]the only question is how long will it take?
do the mods have comfort tyres, sport tyres, or racing thinking racing ones[/QUOTE]

Lol! Hopefully racing.


[QUOTE="scottscorpion, post: 5337611]the only question is how long will it take?
do the mods have comfort tyres, sport tyres, or racing thinking racing ones[/QUOTE]


very interesting thread though, surprised to see the size of the gap between the slowest and the hardest tyres. might have to attempt a little comparison of my own.


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Sep 21, 2009
Hey mate, cheers for the info :) But i thought that super soft (racing soft) tyres were pretty much the standard as they are the best tyres? Unless you're considering for really low powered cars.


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Jan 6, 2008
In the stock GT-R 07 around the nurburgring the difference between Racing Hard and Racing Softs was roughly 30 seconds. Tyre choice makes a massive difference.