GTA 5 Face Off - The One The World Has Been Waiting For!


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Dec 26, 2007
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To sum up, ps3 wins

[h=2]Grand Theft Auto 5: the Digital Foundry verdict[/h]At last, Rockstar North's monstrous open-world caper is here in all its glory - but after five years and an estimated £170 million being sunk into development and marketing, which version is the one to buy? After playing both versions extensively and amassing over 2TB of lossless video to analyse, we must stress that you're bound to have a fantastic time with either take. Lighting and physics engines are fully intact on both versions, and the minor differences in reflection mapping go down as nitpicks. At its core, both PS3 and 360 present the same massive Los Angeles-inspired sprawl via the same 720p native resolution lens, with almost entirely identical effects and object detail.
However, it's apparent that the PS3 version has an undeniable advantage in one area: even to the naked eye, ground textures on 360 are blurred as a result of what appears to be unoptimised asset streaming. Glitch or not, this basically amounts to concrete and grass textures appearing fuzzier beneath the feet of Trevor, Michael or Franklin, while the PS3 version's remain crystal clear. The 360 does command a minor advantage in frame-rate during synchronised play, but for shoot-outs and high-speed hurtles down the city streets, the PS3 can sometimes pull ahead in these metrics - though the difference is rarely perceptible either way. Since all else is identical across the board, the PS3 version is recommended on the grounds of image quality if you have the option.
Grand Theft Auto 5 easily counts as the most feature-rich and eye-catching sandbox title of the current generation to our minds, though the silence on the as-yet unannounced PC and next-gen releases is deafening. Adaptations must surely be in the running - and doubtless these would be bolstered by smoother performance and higher-grade effects afforded by more muscular hardware. But that's perhaps missing the point; with so much heist-plotting content crammed into one package, and with an intriguing 16-player online mode yet to bepatched in, there's no time like the present to enjoy Los Santos' delights on the platforms you already own.


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Jun 23, 2009
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Fantastic news really! Quite the marvel for current gen consoles. My only gripe is the dip to 20 fps I've seen and curious has that'll effect multi-player. Since multiplayer weighs heavily on CPU power, It'll be interesting if they dial back the graphics a tad for online play.


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Nov 14, 2007

The Xbox seems to maintain a slightly better frame rate. But the PS3 has better ground textures, and such.
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