Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves Company

Jun 4, 2007
Tim Longo, creative director for the upcoming Halo Infinite, left developer 343 Industries this week, Kotaku has learned. It’s part of a leadership shakeup that arrives late in the development of the next Halo game, which is scheduled for release in fall 2020.

Longo, an industry veteran who also served as creative director for Halo 5, had moved to a different role a few weeks ago, according to two people familiar with goings-on at 343. This week, he left the company entirely.

There's a bit more in the article. I see this as a great move. Hopefully he didn't screw up the campaign again. Halo 5 campaign was a mess imo. From no local co-op to the tv advertisements and other decisions he ok'd within the campaign. Regardless of the switching of roles the game is still on track to release next year with the next gen xbox. Hopefully the spiritual reboot does give off the feels of playing Halo:CE for the very first time. I'll never forget it.
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