"Hard" Mode and it's effect on tutorial gameplay.


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Jul 8, 2007
Posted it under PS3 discussion because we don't have a general gaming discussion and this certainly isn't offtopic.

Does anyone else thing that the difficulty you start the game under should not effect the "tutorial" of the game?

"tutorial" can be either:

an outright tutorial for the game that declares itself as so


the beginning of the game that gives you super strength on par of that which you ended the game's predecessor with only to develop a plot in which those powers are stripped from you.

Let's be honest. The only purpose of this section of a game is twofold.

Either A) teach a new player how to play, or B) explain the plot. Neither of these two purposes require that the game be more difficult.

I'm bringing this up because the vast majority of the time when replaying a game this is extremely tedious.
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Dec 23, 2010
I think it depends on how the tutorial is presented. If it's like basic training in one of the COD games, then I think it should be skipped entirely on the hardest difficulty. If it's an RPG, altering the tutorial would often be extremely difficult since they often take up the first 30 minutes or more of the start of the game, which also happens to be your introduction to the game world and your primary quest and story line.

So I don't think you could make a blanket statement either way. I think it's entirely dependent on how the tutorial is implemented.