Have online games become too competitive?


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Mar 27, 2006
Most people who have grown up playing video games and are now adults working a job and/or going to school and maybe have a decent social life -- I can't imagine these people (the average gamer being in their 30s) have enough time to put aside to really play an online game, given their competitive nature. It makes me wonder if the people who create and update these online experiences have a different demographic in mind, specifically teenagers who have grown up with an Xbox or PC instead of Nintendo or PlayStation?

I feel like a story-driven, single-player experience is much less demanding and arguably more rewarding than an online experience because with the latter you feel pressured to be the best or as good as other people playing, who have probably spent more time playing, progressing and learning the best ways to win. Mostly I think the amount of time required to really enjoy playing online isn't worth it. Even if you decide to only play with friends online you still have to work out the best times to play, what game to play and so on but I'm getting off topic.

What do you guys think about online games today? Do you find you've enjoyed them more or less over the years?
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Oct 8, 2007
GT and Forza have gotten more competitive, but imho i think that's for the better.

Gt in particular does a good job of slotting you into your skill bracket, so you more often then not race guys who are pretty much at your level. I personally really like this given the aforementioned effect of being time poor (but im not 30 yet, aye!).

So i quite like the increased competition in GT, compared to how it was on PS3, and certainly on PS2. It's fun sometimes to run behind a clearly faster driver and just watch their lines, where they turn in, their braking point etc. Bots really don't convey the feeling of racing too well.

That being said, i get what you mean. Games like Mass Effect had no good reason to have an online component. The core of the series was not multiplayer, yet Andromeda rocks up with some tacked on multiplayer, and paper thin story. It wasn't competitive, sure. But the online component probably existed to cater to that crowd.


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Sep 13, 2007
Personally, I'm not competitive at all in video games outside of playing with my friends. I much prefer "co-op" over anything competitive. It less-so frustrates me at how games are going more online focured, and more-so that so many of the online games treat "co-op" as something not worth their time. I'm kind of worried that "RDR2 Online" will be highly competitive focused, with simple scraps left over for "co-op".


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May 23, 2015
On Red Dwarf....
With the advent of e-sports becoming a thing then competition has certainly ramped up online. Mind you, this is coming from the (above average gamer age) man who hasn't done much online gaming since Driveclub was taking up all my spare time, I'd rather have a great single player experience (Skyrim VR, Spiderman, RDR 2 etc) than play online. kinda grinds my gears when trophy lists contain multitudes of online trophies I know I'll never get
Jun 16, 2013
There are some things in life, you know you will never do...

I will never walk on the moon.
I will never be royalty.
I will never be a Super Saiyan.
As a man, I will never give birth.
I will never fly without the help of a vehicle.

And finally...

I will never be as good at Call of Duty as 12 year olds who spend their entire time on that one game.

Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating a bit. There are plenty of people who aren't 12 who are very good at Call of Duty or other online games. But essentially, my point is that since I prefer to spread my time among multiple games (and usually single player games exclusively), I will never be as good as the people who almost exclusively play those online games or the genres of those online games.

I've managed to get decent at a few different games online. Destiny and Friday the 13th come to mind. With Destiny, it was my favorite FPS of all time and I sunk tons of hours into it. Friday the 13th was just pure fun that I began enjoying immediately.

But otherwise, I usually spend my time on single player games. That's why I like the trophy feature, because I still have accomplishments through single player games with trophies. And at the end of the day, games are entertainment. Getting killed by a kid every five seconds who starts talking about my mom and what he did to her last night is not my idea of entertainment.

(Sort of a TLDR) - Are online games too competitive? My answer is yes - but I feel they always have been too competitive. Unless you're just born a Gaming God or spend copious amounts of times on online games, it will be difficult to make much noise and I feel that's always been the case.


With the advancement of technology in every genre, games have also advanced a lot. Playing online games and competing with people all around the world is proof that yes online games are way too competitive. And people or teens have started spending way too much money on these games as they want the new advanced version of every game. There is no need to spend soo much money. It will be much better to go for those sites which provide discounts and are safe to use.


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Aug 21, 2008
Yeah I remember back in the PS3 generation I felt like everything was turning into more multiplayer online games.
I don't have a desire to be better than someone or someone else I play prefer single player games and I always have but I don't mind a good co-op experience.

Many games I believe don't need online but I feel since you pay for online for consoles now days in games they'll push online competitive gaming more.


Most people who have grown up playing video games and are now adults working a job and/or going to school and maybe have a decent social life


Personally, I actively avoid competitive multiplayer games. I hate losing that much. I enjoy co-op/single player games just fine too, so that's how I had been using profanity when playing these online multiplayer games.