Having issues reading disk I think

Mar 24, 2020
I got a used ps4 having disk feeding and reading issues, I opened the optical and cleaned it.
Know it feeds fine, but when I load a disk you can hear it spin up, then spin down, then up, and down a few times.
Then it will do a partial quick eject and feed, then spin up and down a few times, then reads and loads the game.
Ive tried 4 different game and all are clean, and ps4 is thoroughly cleaned.
Wondering if it is a weak or bad optical laser , or is it having a mechanical or software issue.

Any help would be appreciated.



The Last of Us
Staff member
Dec 16, 2006
I'm not an expert here, but it sounds more like an alignment issue. If the optical laser was borked then I doubt it would ever read and load a game. So it might be that when the feeder loads the disk it's not seating correctly somehow, the laser then cannot read the disk. Just a thought.