Haze Online stats resetting

Jan 16, 2008
Does anyone else have this problem with Haze? First I noticed that you have to stay until the end of a game, and for it all to properly close (quite often a host will quit as soon as the game finishes without it doing this) for the stats to even count.

But then for me they keep on resetting, and on the stats page when I view the global leaderboards for my stat, my stats are different from the stats page!

Anyone else getting this? It's quite annoying as my headshot count should be well into 3 figures by now!


Superior Member
Dec 10, 2007
No, not playing the game but would be a nice concept to have stats reset weekly/Monthly for online games. Then keep total tap on the leaderboard also. Like average weekly ranking or weeks won. That way people that don't play as often or get into game late would have something to play for.

just thought I'd add, your post made me think of that because I came late to COD4 and thought it would be cool to somehow see how good I did on a good week, or if I getting better.