[HCA] Hardcore Alliance Recruiting - Killzone 2 / Socom PS3


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Dec 5, 2006
Hey all in anticipation for Killzone 2, I will be bringing back my TFC clan name from TF1. My names Rob and I played TFC (Team Fortress Classic for HL) for 5 years and was the leader of the clan [HCA] - Hardcore Alliance. [HCA] on PSN will be dedicated to my best friend of 18 years Psychoprentt aka Pete. He died this past November of Brain/Lung cancer. He has been my right hand man in gaming since we were kids and we founded HCA and he wanted HCA to succeed no matter where it went. I also have played Resistance 1 and COD4 online for the 360 and PS3 for quite some time.

You can find our match history at the link below:


We played 125+ matches not counting scrimmages. (More like 250 with Scrimmages) We started in 2000 and played in many offline LAN competitions at http://www.web2zone.com in NYC back in the day.

I have the experience, knowledge, and basic strategy. I work hard to succeed and I want to bring my intensity to the PS3. I also have [HCA] in Socom but I just started playing last Thursday. I would like to keep [HCA] as a Killzone 2 / Socom Clan. I do have a website in the works and once this is up there will be a sign up section with a questionnaire. Here is the schedule I am looking to Implement.

Friday: Team Playing - Basically gather as a group and scrimmage against eachother or split up into different rooms and just practice on different style maps/modes. We can always implement a different system but this is my idea. Same scheme for Socom when I can fit in time slotting for that.

Saturday: Matches - I will try to coordinate with other clans to have matches scrimmages at first. I will be looking around for tournaments and ladders online if anyone knows of any link me please.

Times on Friday would be all day basically. Saturday would be evening 7pm for matches. Really any of this could all change. If anything I would be sending out daily emails to my members through PSN as well as the private section of our forums.

Communications could be on mIRC or any chat program we decide. Nothing is written in stone here these are just ideas.


Clan Leader: ME! Overloooks all activity in the Clan. Makes the final say on who is playing and who is not. Expects everyone to respect the decisions of the Clan Leader and Officers. As usual anyone who has any problems with any of the decisions being made in the clan can see me.

Officer: This person handles sending out the invites for the matches and scrimmages. Reports to the Clan leader with who is available for matches and discusses strategy with the Clan leader for what we will be doing that day. Along with the Clan Leader the Officers are also actively recruiting and scoping out new members.

Members: We expect our members to be active. If you can not keep a constant 75% Event attendance you will be removed from the clan without notice. Our website will keep of track of who attended the events and who did not.

Peons: New Recruits. You are on a 3 week trial with the clan. Your main objective is to get to know everyone in the clan and make sure you keep a 100% attendance.

Requirements for [HCA]
1 - Bluetooth headset or any mic to communicate
2 - over 18
3 - Winning attitide, for [HCA] this isn't just a game we dedicate ourselves to be the best at what we do
4 - be able to listen to instructions and execute them
5 - be able to take jokes and have fun while playing

If your interested email me your information to [email protected]

I will be playing the KZ2 Demo on Feb 5th so find me on.

Hope to see alot of you around.

Clan Founder and Leader - [HCA]consolecrusader
Clan Co-Founder - [HCA]psychoprenntt known on psn as psychoprentt