Help send my girls to Broadway!!

Feb 11, 2008
South Carolina
Everyone pretty much knows me here, and what I've been through. I haven't been able to go back to work for six and a half years and my case is still pending. My girls and one of their friends auditioned for BroadwayCon this year. Only 10 auditions out of the thousands make it to the final on stage to perform. My girls were chosen!! The cost for travel and hotels is what we're trying to get some help with.

They are going to New York for the first time ever for them, and get to perform on stage with professional, celebrity Broadway judges. We'll be leaving on the 10th of Jan, 2019. They'll be practicing and getting instructions from the BWCon through the 11th, and perform on the 12th. We'll be coming back home on the 13th.

The cost to get there, stay for a few days, and get back isn't going to be easy at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you can share, tweet, email, anything, donate if possible, would mean a lot for me, and especially them.

Here's the gofundme:

Here is the audition the girls sent in: