Help with PlayStation VR baseball?

Joe B.

New member
Oct 29, 2021
Hello everyone. Brand new member, and my first post.
I need some help here, getting a specific type of game(and needed attachments or accessories if necessary) for the PlayStation VR that my nephews currently have. I’ve had next to no luck searching like crazy, and I’m wondering if I’m just searching the wrong way.
The picture(s)
are of the system that my nephews have. I need to get, if possible, the best/newest version of home run derby and/or any other new 2021 released PlayStation VR interactive baseball game. I was hoping to find something where hey that was involved, and also featured the ability to have someone actually pitch as a player with some kind of platform or attachment. Obviously, I do not know much about dish type of gaming console and platform. I’m just an uncle, that likes to spoil his nieces and nephews, and the next birthday is November 14. So, I’m cutting it close. Thank you need Vance to anyone who can appoint me in the right direction or perhaps link me directly to something I can purchase. All the best to everyone, Joe B.