Hoarders - Trophy Edition!


The Mega Man
May 28, 2007
Ever see that show Hoarders on A&E where people just hoard away things over time till they have their whole house blocked with stuff?

I think I'm one of them but because of trophies! I continually buy cheap games I see (both 360 and PS3) that have fairly easy trophies in order to play them through 100% in the future...but I never get time to play them!

I currently have like 10 games cluttering my entertainment center "waiting" to be played. Some of them like:

Godfather II
Tomb Raider
Legends of Wrestlemania
God of War Collection
Sonic's Genesis Collection (360)
Prey (360)
Pirates of the Caribbean (360)
Beowulf (360)

...are not even opened!!

Basically my virtual hoarding of trophies and achievements has crossed over into actual hoarding of games! Anyone else find themselves doing the same thing or will I one day fall down, break my hip and lay in a pile of games for a few days before I realize I'm crazy?



Master Genshin
Mar 25, 2007
Planet Mars
[QUOTE="Fenix, post: 0]They made a game off that show?


No, I think you misread what he is saying. He is turning into a Hoarder, for trophy games.

To the OP, sorry I cannot relate. Thank goodness for gamefly.