Hogwarts Legacy Forum

Nov 22, 2022
IDK how to make one but hopefully this can be it.
I'm not a big fan but I like the series enough and the game trailers and all have peaked my interest.
I also pre-ordered the guide for it for a good price.
I haven't heard how long it will take to beat but I'm guessing at least 20 hours for the main story. IMO, the longer a game is then it is worth full price.
If you don't know, you can go to the Wizarding World website, sign up for an account, and if you link that account with the game I believe you get some items and your House and Wand are brought into the game. It's been stated by the devs you can accept this during the Sorting Ceremony OR you can change before the ceremony is over.
Transmog has been announced and will be early game.
Check out the Digital Deluxe version as it has some extra goodies.
PS5 players also get a free quest which seems to be quite dark.