How to get your free "digital DVD copy" on to the PSP?


Superior Member
Nov 15, 2006
Okay so I have a bunch of Blu-Rays I bought that came with a Digital copy, figured I'd just use the digital copy on my PSP. I know some movies (sony pictures) have a nice easy option to transfer for the PSP, but how do you do it for other movies. I have GI Joe and Star Trek that I'm trying to get over.

Looks like I have the option for Windows Media player and for iTunes. Someone told me that when using itunes you could select PSP as your format from there (I don't use an iPod so I'm not that familar with iTunes) Well I did GI Joe in itunes last night and don't see any option.

if I transfer to Windows media player can I just drag and drop the file to my PSP then??

Or am I going to need to find and install some video conversion program and switch the file type to something the PSP can play??