How to set up headset


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Aug 19, 2019
I hope I am posting this in the right places - apologies if it's not. Please, please :-? don't tell me to search and find the answer because I know absolutely nothing about gaming and don't want to, which I know will make me sound like a weirdo in here!

I just want to get my grandson his first gaming headset to go with his new PS4 and set them up for him for his birthday.

He's only young so don't want to spend a fortune cause they will probably be broken in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking of going with - Turtle Beach Ear Force P12 Gaming Headset. However, it looks like it's not as simple as just plugin them in the ps4 somewhere and off they go which brings me here.

Do I have to buy other wires or adapters?

Wanted to get wireless initially but I'm not paying £80+ for a couple of months at best.

Any help would be very much appreciated