How's GTA Online on Live?



"But seriously, the only one to have this kind of problem on the PSN....and for a free service, it's impressive I would say and most people should be able to connect now.."

Uh.... That's not true. Lot's of PS3 games mess up and won't connect online.


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Jun 16, 2006
I was able to get online with the PSN today in the evening. I was able to play....there was some minor lag but it didn't mess up anything.

And I guess I was wrong in saying every game but every game I have tried playing online with the PSN (Warhawk, MotorStorm, UT3, Burnout Paradise, Resistance, Call of Duty 4 and Ghost Recon 2 - these are the online games I have and other than the stat tracking problem with Warhawk in the beginning I have never not been able to join a game) has been fine up until now with GTA4 which is fine for me now....and hopefully stays that way.

The biggest letdown so far dealing with PSN for me has been GTA4 with online on the PS3 but they know about the issue and hopefully have fixed it by now. I'll try to connect tomorrow as well to see if I can connect or not.

I guess I should have just said that this topic is talking about Live and how it is doing with handling GTA traffic so people didn't need to take digs at PSN or whatever. It wasn't called for.