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Post: Where is the forum headed?
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You have broken one of the largest rules we have here. Your previous account was not even that active nor that old. Basically your long winded post was full of crap, to say the least. This isn't a soap opera, and this isn't kindergarten.

You are being banned, again, for violating one of the more important rules we have here. 2nd accounts, especially while under a ban. You are not welcome back. But I assume you won't want to come back anyway, bye.

Original Post:
i wish to state that i am writing this thread froma poiint where i feel disillusioned. what has happened to the forum in the past two days has left me terribly perturbed about how things are and what state the forum is in.

Now, i wirte this not to lash out at anyone, but froma point of great disappointment, and since this is the feedback section, there are several questions that require answers, and anyone who would be able to give me an answer, will have done me a whole world of good.

to begin with i joined the forum last year, cant really remember when, and that was after coming to the site for a long time, and reading what debates were here.
the forum in itself was great, but it suffered its problems just like any other forum out there, and plainly put, there were rules on the forum set in place and back then, the moderation was in itself strict, so it was a bonus.

the forum as it was, consisted of various subforums, and for me, it was one of the fundamental reasons why i joined the forum, and were it not there, i would have moved on.

that said and done, the forum has been a good place, but it has been getting worse each and every day, and it had been pointed out by a lot of other forum members, why on earth it was never embrassed by the forum administration is still a mystery to me.

then came the changes, and i for one appreciated all that came, the promotion of AJe, though unexpected was one of the better things to hit this forum. i for one knew he had what it took to make the decisions that needed to be made, and he had been one of the most active mods before his promotion, so i thought, and still think he deserves to be where he is.

there was also the promotion of Dave as community manager, and i thought that he was probably the best guy for the job, his posts were some of the most well thought out, and he was an impossible figure to go on and hate.
he was in my opinion the best guy for the stated job.

then came the demotions of some of the best mods, and as a member, i thought that some of those demotions were indeed unfair, but it was never my place to speak, and still isnt. there is a lot of so says this and the other says that, bottom line is that moderation went out the window with the mass demotion of some of this mods, and the site is still to recover from that, and that plainly stated is my opinion, one can choose to differ with it, i can live with that.

but that i could live with, all it needed was the team to get accustomed to the working conditions, tweak up the teamwork, oil their framework and get their game together with a great vision for the forum, and things would have started to be better around here, i never lost hope, and most of the individuals promoted to SMC or mods were worthy of the challenge that awaited them.

A board change came into change a few weeks ago, and most of us were satisfied with the fact that we could still enjoy the same things we did enjoy, albeit they were in different places, it was a sacrifice worth making.
nothing had changed aand there still was organization, it was like a renovation had occured.

but a few nights ago, i came in here and left a few posts,then went home. as has been my tradition, i leave the house early so that i can catch up with the gaming news, and in the morning, every thing was perfect.
but i leave work early, get to a cyber and open the front page, and everthing has changed, the multi section is now a other things blah blah blah segment, its disorganised, and i cannot even find what i am looking for, let alone the threads i posted at in the morning.

it was pathetic, and the official forum stand left me even more flabbergasted.
seb was here telling us that we signed up for a ps3forum, and his stance was repeted by Dave. but c'mon, i signed up for the total package, had i wanted something different, i would have gone to the official playstastion forums, or the 360 forum, they are bigger, and have more members in a day more threads and topics compared to anything this site could or would ever acheive.
problem is that you will find tools in there and blind Sony and Microsoftshhep in there than you have seen any sheep farmer have, there is no divergence in opinion that i yearn for.

that stand was taken so as to chase any person with a divergent opinion out, and the statement implied that the forum administration, well Seb and Dave knew better, and that we were virtually unable to know what was good for us.
that is why we were never consulted, the SMC's knew nothing about it, neither did the mods, and i can personally state here that neither did AJe. the forum in the twinkling of an eye turned from a place where we were asked and notified on upcoming forum changes, to a place where a few could make decisions for the masses and dangle the carrot that you signed up for this and not that.

there may be a lot of hardcore fans who want exactly that, and thats their right, and thats their opinion, i can live with that. but there also is a part of the community that form the multi console owner portion or would be multi console owner portion, the site was in the beginning built to also cater for their tastes, hence the reason the board was coded in such a way. then again, it may have been a ploy to go on and get more hits or members in, either way, its not mine to worry about.

but the subforums are back now, but that isnt a big worry, a part of what used to be the core of some of the best posting in this site has left, and that is not something that can be replaced, the arrogance of Dave in the way he treated Rikwakefield, and the hypocrisy he potraid left a lot to be desired.

and yes, i know there will be some person coming in here telling me that Dave isnt the problem, and that he has issues to deal with like moving house. but that aint a concern of mine, i get to work early, and its one hectic place to work at, i come in here and regardless of what is happening to me, and i dont find an excuse to use them to defend the undefendable.

he forgot that the forum exists because of its members, and that as the community manager, he was supposed to liaise with the community and try and find out what was needed to move this plave forward, he didnt.

and while he has some great points on how it is he wants to move the community forward like the giveaways, he in no way looks at the pertinent issues afflicting the forum, he looks at the problem and gets fixated at it. people have been banned, and IP banned, in their hundreds or thousands, many have called it quits, and the place has gotten worse, so its isnt that the subforums had to go, or that memners had to be banned, its that there is lack of a proper framework to go on and handle the issues that have arisen on this site, and most of them are faced by numerous other sites out there.

how have many sites gotten round it? they have looked at the root cause of the problem, and tackled it head on, it has earned the forum praise from its members, and in their hordes. do i see that happening here, hell no.

then there is the idea that they now want to dig in the past, and get some so called trouble makers out. that process is in itself so lacking on moral ground that it makes me laugh. if these guys have gotten away with their crimes from way back then. there was a moderation team in place, and so too was an administration. have tougher controls in place such that should they go on and continue with their disruptive behaviour, they are dealt with accordingly.

thats what anyone would do. plus there is the issue of who are these people, and what formula is being used to get these people in that mass ban list? is this process not bound to be somewhat abused into knicking some people out for the mere fact that you dont like them or harbour a grudge against them?

whatever is done must not only be seen to be accepted, but the way in which actions are taken, and decisions arrived at seen to be acceptable, and of the highest moral standing such that no one will ever come and say that "this was done to so and so, why isnt it applying to so and so?".

it has been said before, everyone has had their moment of madness on this site, and quite honestly said, anyone fits the bill of being thrown out of the forum, whether they have received a ban or not, you can always go in their posts and find something wrong, and on multiple occasions, whether junior member, member, SMC, mod, or admin, we all fit the bill perfectly.

that said and done, i dont think i like the way things are going, and i have posted to probably get assurance that all will be fine, and all decisions made will be above board, im at a crossraods.

anyone may feel free to comment, but please, if you aremt going to add anything to the discussion, please refrain from posting, i have kept my comment civil inspite of the fact that im livid


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