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Jun 3, 2006
Post: I Got My Box!
User: bigworm0182
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Instant Perma-Ban

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Thats enough of that

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You have my word on it!!
Good, Lets get started!

First: click on the following link:

If the link does not work, simply copy and paste into your browser.

Next: Select your gift package and enter your email, then click “sign up”.

Next: Fill out the simple registration form and click continue.
Be sure to bookmark the page so you can easily return to it at a later time
I will tell you why this is important in a minute.

Next: you will be prompted to select a points or a referral account. I highly suggest the referral account, as this is the cheapest way to do this. You can select the points option and it is faster but you will need to complete a lot of offers to get your gift. This can get expensive.

Next: you will be required to complete ONE offer. I know, I know, I thought the same thing you are now but read on, it’s not what you think!
Select a sponsor offer in level A, I used the Google seo offer, it’s easy, and after about 10 days you can cancel the account. Do look through all of the available offers however there are a few good ones that don’t cost much.

Once this is done: You will get a link to send your referrals to. You will need to generate 10 to 13 referrals to qualify for your gift. You can do this in a number of ways. E-bay is by far the easiest. Read all of the info given on the site, as it will answer most of your questions. With this e-mail you have my permission to copy my listing and use it as your own to save time. (Make sure to use your own specific link in your return e-mail or you will not get the credit for the referrals.) However any persons found using this that did not receive it through a direct e-mail form myself will be reported to E-bay. Please be honest, this is an “ I scratch your back you scratch mine” kind of deal.

The bookmark that you saved earlier can be used to log in and check the site regularly to follow the progress of your referrals. Simply click on the ”progress” tab at the top of the page.
You can also post a status panel anywhere you want to show people how close you are to achieving your goal (myspace, website blog, etc.) This adds credibility as others can see that you are actually doing this yourself. The more places you post your link, the faster this works!! Once the proper number has been reached, simply order your PS3!

A few days later a box arrives on your doorstep and you are on your way to gaming heaven!!!!!

Good luck and enjoy!!!! Any questions? Feel free to ask!!​