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Post: Wats the dif between 1080 i and 1080 p
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[QUOTE="REFLEX, post: 0]There is a difference, it depends on a lot of factors. That is a CRT TV, not a progressive scan TV.

When most people here on the forums ask about 1080i, its meaningless because they are asking about 720p TVs with the ability to accept a 1080i signal and downscale it into 720p before it puts it on the screen.

So really they aren't asking about 1080i. And since video games are only in 1 resolution (you can't force a game into another resolution, its just upscaling, which your TV does anyway), people are just confused and are asking the totally wrong question.

Interestingly enough, 1080i and 1080p, coming from a blu-ray player (blu-ray disc) onto a 1080p HDTV are identical. No difference, unless the player or TV have done something wrong (broken, or made huge processing error, broken!).

But in the case of video games and such, its a meaningless discussion really. As people are confused about what is happening.

But in this case here, this is a CRT monitor. Do not get it, CRT has far better picture quality than any HDTV out there in terms of color, and black levels, so for hardcore movie fans they like these. But for gaming and such its not the best choice at all. Not to mention since its non digital, and hence non progressive scan (1080i) you cannot use it well with the PS3.

So get something (in your case/budget) that is 720p native, and accepts a 1080i signal.
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