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Mar 19, 2007
Post: SCIV tops UK chartz
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Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban
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You have been banned for spamming the forum with posts about the same useless website

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A mysterious website was made on 6th July according to Google cache. 5 Days before Square-Enix announced there private event to the public.

Whats striking about this website is that if you right click and view source it tells you about a page within the website called

Google's similar pages feature picks up no pages within the site. Meaning this page is hidden. Also the text on the page uses the same font as the Square-Enix event logo?

Now if you go to that page it actually links you to an image which list several video game consoles. The text below that says "Vorsicht; Fake" which translated to "caution fake!" in German. The image also has a large question mark.

What is this? Have we just uncovered something, did the Square-Enix logo have secret meanings all this time?

Why don't you check it out yourself for proof, i am amazed becuase of this discovery. Click on the link below. Or go on google and type remake7 its the first site that comes up?