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Oct 10, 2006
Post: Little Big Planet Creators Group!
User: coolg35748
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coolg35748 said:
Hey, remove that link from our group thread. If you don't I'll shove my foot so far up your *** that you will be able to count the change in my pocket. Thats just disgraceful man, delete our thread so that the one yours is in, which is lame, will profit from our loss!

Original Post:

Well, I will be the first to start a group of a couple people to play Little Big Planet with me. Whether it be Level Creator or whatever else, we can do it.

  1. I will handpick you from this thread.
  2. You must have a microphone.
  3. You must have a good sense of creativity.
  4. You must have a flexible schedule so whenever we schedule something you can join (there will be alternates).
  5. All levels created shall be and remain free.
Thats about it. I will pick people from here, and we can have a group that we play together as regularly.
EDIT: BTW, I think I will pick about 7 people, so we have a group of 8, that can alternate around each other and such....

Alright, the list is in! The members are...

1. Guitarrassdeamor PSN= Guitarrassdeamor, Time Zone= EST
2. HellsJester PSN= HellsJester, Time Zone= PST
3. SerinousTSE PSN= SerinousTSE, Time Zone= UTC/GMT
4. Hitch PSN= Hitch_8D, Time Zone= EST
5. amazing spidey PSN= supernovaspidey, Time Zone= PST
6. Eric Johnson PSN: Eric_Johnson, Time Zone: Eastern
7. Tom1525 PSN= Tom1525, Time Zone= GTM
8. ManaBurnX PSN= ManaBurnX, Time Zone= GMT+07:00
9. coolg35748 PSN= coolg35478, Time Zone= ?
10. x_terna PSN= x-terna, Time Zone= PST
11. TruSolja PSN= TruSolja, Time Zone= EST
12. SlaMori PSN= Sla-mori, Time Zone= Belgium time zone

Congrats to all that got in. There might be another team later, so if you didn't get picked this go, don't automatically think you are out!


Team 1: Guitarrassdeamor, coolg35784, SlaMori, TruSolja
Team 2: Hitch, amazing spidey, x_terna, Eric Johnson
Team 3: HellsJester, SerinousTSE, ManaBurnX, Tom1525

ALRIGHT! I made the IRC. I recommend doing....

1. Download
2. Set your nickname with /nick -----
3. Type /server
4. Type /join #LBPCreatorsGroup
5. If you want, you can register your nickname by saying /msg nickserv register password I believe, or something like that...that way it stays consistent.
6. Need more help, after you type /server, type /join #help for their Help channel.

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