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Jan 11, 2008
Post: The Master - My XBLA RPG (work in progress, XNA, C#) (working title)
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I decided to make a thread about the RPG game i am making for XBLA and share some info and progress. I call it "The Master" for now, but that will change by release

I have the old videos from 1.5 year back and new art (which is actually what will be used in the game, since it is a 2D one), latest updates will go up in the page, i plan to later post this blog in the official website of the game, when i create one.

I would love to get opinions and suggestions of course

The game is a RPG, with real time combat like Caste Crashers and many powers/spells/armor etc, a proper story line, completly non inear with complete freedom, party members to reqruit and summon in combat, interactive objects for the adventure part, NPCs with dialogs and quests, a strategic part (which i cant describe right now, but it is fully programmed and taking shape, it is very complicated though) and many more.

UPDATE 27 January 2011

I tested fraps and works wonders for taking HD movies !!!! i can now post a proper video when i have a final combat scene to show, which is not that far away

Cant wait to play my RPG on an actual phone device too, the emulator is nice and runs great, but on the real thing is another matter

This is how it would look in real phone

I also want to test the virtual stick in real device

I have finally programmed the few top level systems i was missing, like actors that will leave or enter screen properly, NPCs that can follow the hero and proper dialog system for them all in all screens and in presence of multiple other NPCs and some more presentation stuff and now i am looking at the overworld map, planning new quests, combats, bosses and link them to story and quests etc

UPDATE January 20101

I have ported the game to Windows 7 Phone and runs fine on the emulator (have not tested on real device) and ram usuage is very low, well below the 90MB limit. I have also finished a basic controls system so i can test the game. Of course now i will resume the 360 development.

Unfortunatly none of the custom effect shaders like the bloom, particles and lights i had in 360 work on the phone, so i will have to remake them later

UPDADE 28 December 2010

I finally took the huge decision to move my code to XNA 4.0, mainly because i have finished coding all main systems (controls, quests, real time combat, AI, inventory, save/load, interactive items, strategic art etc) and i am in the stage of polishing visuals, adding special effects and polishing/adding to the story/quests/NPCs and testing

All went well, the game is now fully working on XNA4.0, all shader/lighting effects have been remade for the new shader implementations, particles have been fixed too.

The best part is that the new system allows easy dynamic shader use for each sprite, something extremely complicated and hard before in XNA3.

Also for some reason graphics look a lot crisper, i can see the full detail of the art i have created, in game, while in XNA3 i got a slightly more blurry result, for whatever reason.

Another perk is Windows 7 Phone support, which means i could potentially consider a port to phones after the XBLA release.

UPDATE December 2010

Here is a pic of latest art that will be used in the game (downscaled, the actual one used in the game is 720p)