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Jun 3, 2006
Post: Isreal attacks Gaza
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Infraction: No Flaming/Flamebaiting [Rule 3]
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No Flaming/Flamebaiting [Rule 3]

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Telling someone to go deep throat a shotgun doesn't help... anything... ever.

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[QUOTE="coldbloodied, post: 0]lol why are you using the bible as justification when we are meant to be secular in the west.

Im hoping for Hizbullah to start an offensive into Israel aswell and hopefully if it does we could see some real progress in the middle east.

According to the news in England, we have a few captured Zionist invaders and some of the Zionist invaders have been killed by the palestinian freedom fighters.

Yes i said every israelie is a legitimate target as they are part of the Army, Zionist Children and old people shouldnt be involved but they are the zionazis of the past and the future.

Israel targets children when you look down a scope of a rifle you can see your target, but when you shoot the Qassam rocket you dont really know where it will land.

Israel shoots palestinian kids in the head on a regular.

You seriously deserve to be ****ing banned for spouting off this BS.

Do yourself and this forum a favor and go deep throat the barrel of a shotgun.[/quote]