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Post: Times: Sony poised to lose its 13 year title as biggest games console maker
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[QUOTE="seebs, post: 0]It's got nothing to do with being an "elder". It's got to do with the most fundamental business questions.

A product competes with its competition.

The Gamecube's success or failure is not a question of whether its library is better than that of the N64, or the SNES, or any other Nintendo console; it's whether its library is better than that of the competing consoles, such as the PS2.

And the PS2, with a full year and a half head start and the universal perception that it would be hugely successful, ended up with an incredible library. If you were developing a game in 1999, it was most likely not going to be for the still-distant Gamecube, but it might be for the Playstation 2, only a few months out.

I'm really not trying to be more insulting than I have to, but you ask totally unrelated questions and act like they're some kind of deep insight.

You might as well ask why Ford didn't do better against Honda in the 1980s, given how much better the 1980s Ford Escort was than the Model T. It wasn't competing with the Model T; it was competing with the Accord.

The gamecube was nothing revolutionary; it was just a stopgap system to keep the company in money (it did make about $5 billion in profits, after all) while they worked out a plan for doing something new.

Which they did.

The market that is most likely to actually play a game otherwise sorta like LBP is not likely to play it on the PS3. Too many confusing buttons. There is no obvious reason for which "X" should be "OK" and "O" should be "cancel" -- in fact, it's backwards. I still can't reliably tell you, without looking, which button's the square and which is the triangle, and I've played a few hundred hours of PS2 games probably by now. But I don't memorize things like that very much, and I mostly prefer to use systems where I don't have to. (I also never really got good at remembering which GC button was X and which was Y.)

People who have other things going on in their lives tend to place a pretty low priority on memorizing controls.
Seebs stop being a *****. If you want to be condescending do it elsewhere thank you. Everyone around here appreciates your technical expertise; but you damn sure don't know it all. Who the hell are you to tell someone definitively if a market it or isn't there? Are you now some marketing genius now; where did you go to Business School? You were given a pass on being a jerk off about technical issues. But when it comes to economics you have no more expertise than the next man; so cut the shenanigans. Learn how to communicate with people u wanna be elitist. I hate people who think they are smarter than everybody else just because they received more schooling. Damn man get over yourself.

Since when did p r i c k become a cuss word[/quote]