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Jun 3, 2006
Post: Is sony feeling okay?
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[QUOTE="zeon9881, post: 0]Ok so as we all know trophys are out the sad this is its almost one month and theirs only 3 games with it, 2 which cant even get platinum now please dont say "this is not Sonys Fault its the devs" because it is.

Sony allowed devs to put trophys in or not and guess what we end up with, a useless feature such as the information bar heck you cant even consider it a EGO thing because theirs only 3 games

Also may i add most Multiys have achivements on them so how hard can it actully be to go andout frickin trophys into it, sony should really reconsider what they are doing...

Now as for the video store...Canada, europe,Asia,Australia etc. still dont have it and guess what sony announced it for japan for december (i think) and they already have a clost-to video service....though im not so mad about this because of the different laws and shows which come on so yea...

This is riducules i know games take a long time to implent stuff into it but come on most the games that are released arnt even getting it(trophys)...


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