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Infraction: No Insulting/Harassing Other Members
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While it might have been edited out, insulting someone in such a fashion is against the rules. This is a small infraction, but they add up fast. Please watch out for that next time.

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[QUOTE="A7MAD, post: 0]Technically then it isn't HD even though you prefer the game because it's a PS3 exclusive.

Honestly that was news to me (R & C not 720p).
That's because nobody was stupid to make a big deal about a game that renders a 1280x704 game with 2x MSAA at 60 fps.
And you can **** right off with the implication that I prefer it because it's a "PS3 exclusive" (I didnt even bring up the overall quality of these games, just the audio-visual standards).If you must know what I actually think of R&C future, I like it because it's a kick *** game from a kick *** development studio.[/quote]