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Jun 3, 2006
Post: Microsoft declared that they're going to "beat" PS3
User: HowlBridges
Infraction: No Flaming/Flamebaiting [Rule 3]
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No Flaming/Flamebaiting [Rule 3]

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One too many hits to the head?

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lol who gives a crap about microcauck?

In my eyes the 360 is just as worthless as the wii. I walking into gaming departments and stores and see all these fruity add-ons and such

The ps3 is Elite. Its the superior system. I showed my friend cod4 and sc4 on my ps3 now he's gonna go trade in his xbox along with his 13 game library for a ps3.

MicroCauck talks alot of ****.

If you take a look at their products the past few years you'll notices the ALWAYS release faulty products. Windows Vista is a good example. my sister went through THREE vista running laptops before she got one that actually works fine.

I hope that company goes bankrupt trying to beat sony and BURNS