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Mar 19, 2007
Post: Sony: Keep the old people, we want the PS2 Base
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[QUOTE="webshark, post: 0]how did i know when i saw you were the last post that you would be ranting on me?

ok that 'list' you just gave me essentially boils down to saying the same thing over and over that i asked you NOT to list.

1. it holds more per disc, yes we get it. you can put the same stuff thats on a BR on more than one DVD if need be.
2. you dont HAVE to compress stuff when you put it on a DVD, just like you ARE allowed to compress stuff when you put it on a blu ray. once again, DVD could do the same thing a BRD can on more than one disc if need be.
3. yes, thank you for repeating my point and mentioning that it may take more DVD's to do what can be done on one BRD. but that has no effect on gameplay or game quality. i have played through lost odyssey on the 360. twice. which means i have been forced to change discs while playing all of 7 times out of about 150 hours of gameplay. i dont think its that big of a deal.

so once again, we have one thing BRD can do over DVD, and thats store more per unit. it has no effect whatsoever on gameplay, graphical or audio fidelity. if it that is the case on a game like rage, that is due to the developer cutting corners and trying to save money, but its NOT because bluray can do more than a DVD can. the only thing it has on DVD is space.

and if you bring up saving money due to less discs, well we all know i can bring up that it costs less money to develop a game on the 360. so lets just not dig into that hole, shall we?

novel idea in theory, but how many remaining ps3 sku's are guarenteed to play your ps2 games, and what would sony do with tens of millions of returned ps2's? the loss associated with this move, coupled with the fact that there is NOTHING about it that would make sony any money whatsoever render this as less than a pipe dream.

All I want to know is when did dual layer standard DVD's become High Def? Becasue Blu Ray IS HD and yes webtroll that does effect graphics when they are displayed onto your tv. If blu ray ca not do more than a dvd then why in the hell are they marketed as if they can? I bey HD DVD could do everything though right, but only because they were backed by MS. If HD DVD were a Sony backed format and Blu Ray were backed by MS you would be spouting off all the greatness that is Blu Ray. I will ask a serious question here since I don't know the answer. Does 360 offer full B/C for the old Xbox games? Also I see how it is now the Devs fault that it is PLAINLY stated the game Rage will look better on PS3 than it will on the 360....oh yes the Devs are purpously trying to screw the 360 owners:suspect:[/quote]