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Dec 26, 2007
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Post: Xbox One takes the lead on Amazon Afer No-DRM announcement
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Infraction: No Flaming, Rule 3.
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Seeing as your new here, ill give you the benefit of the doubt.

Yes we are a PS site, but we allow the discussion of all consoles and dont frown on upon either.

Posts like this wont be tolerated.....shitbox??!?!!? come on dude!

Take a read of this

Original Post:
Ps4 was sold out so its not like shitbox one is selling more and i still cant figure it out why some loser cry baby microsoft fanboys who were paying money to microsoft all these years to watch netflix and didnt had good games like us are killing them self to defend microsoft and that stupid piece of shit box in this website .
go and score some 0 on metacritic for tlou and free your self from this rage that was consuming you for years microsoft fanboys . for years we paid 50 box and get tons of free games and you paid 50 box to watch netfelix , we played super awesome exlusives while you were playing kinect dance shit .
seriously wtf you doing in playstation universe ? its playsation universe not shitbox universe you losers . look at the main page does this site covers xbox related news ? no its only about playstation , thats it , you came to a wrong neighborhood ..
more and more misleading threads these days ...
( just because im not a native english speaker and cant type very well doesnt mean i cant speak my mind ) .