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Mar 19, 2007
Post: Anyone got Info On PS3 Tv ?
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Infraction: No Insulting/Harassing Other Members
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Instead of reporting an insult and doing a good service you took it upon yourself to insult the person which has earned you an infraction.

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[QUOTE="P3nn, post: 0]PlayTV... You don't deserve to own a PS3 if you don't keep updated on upcoming hardware... Everything you need to know about PlayTV is on Google don't be a lazy ****...

Not everybody comes on the internet everyday or keep up with news about gaming etc you know. Don't be such a moron to people. People have lives to live and possibly work etc so don't have much time to keep up to date on everything and that does not make him not worthy of owning a console because of that.

PS - you cant really google something that you don't know the name of :rolleyes:[/quote]