Is Full Stack Developer a good career choice?

Sep 3, 2020
Hello All, I want to build a career as a full stack developer in the gaming world. Can anyone tell me, Is being a full stack developer a good career choice? and I want to know the average salary of full stack developers in India as well as which skillset should be required to become a full stack developer? I have checked some articles like this reference and It is very helpful but Is it the right choice to build a career as a full stack developer?
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Sep 17, 2005
Full stack developer is a good career choice. You can make anywhere between $50k-$100k out the gate depending on the studio / city. Although, factor in living costs with wages. Living in a major city can be a lot more expensive.
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Oct 8, 2007
I'm a full stack developer - at least i can actually put that on my CV (even tho i dislike webdev). We did a Research and Development project for a company in my last year of Uni. We had to design everything from the companies front end to their back end - which used AWS. Then integrate it with their existing systems. The latter part was fun, the former not so much.

The bit about AWS however it probably the most telling. With everyone moving to some sort of cloud based solution, you aren't going to run out of the need for (at the very least) web developers any time soon. Being able to slap a full stack dev on your CV is always going to look nice.

As for building a career... that kinda depends on you, what you're proficient in, and what you like doing. If you just like front end development, then you're at no loss for focusing on that. As said, there's no shortage of want for web developers. But again, having full stack aint gunna hurt on the CV.