Is Metal Gear Solid 4 living on Hype or up to it?


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Dec 16, 2007
I've read a couple posts claiming that the experience is a phased moment
of hype much like early GTA4 feel. How do most people here feel about the hype vs the game itself. Did it meet or exceed your hype, or did you settle with what you got as just good enough? Or did it even disappoint you possibly?

Anyone think opinions of this game tail off in a couple months when the next big game hits?


Apr 30, 2008
For me, it exceeded the hype it got and deserves every last bit of it. I knew Metal Gear Solid 4 was going to be good from the start but I wasn't expecting it to be this good because of the footage that was shown was all marked in the middle east.

Not that Im tired of the middle east, Im glad the entire game didn't just take place there. Everything was stellar from start to finish, all of my questions to the series was answered and some of the characters we know and love that were not in the present time metal gear games all rejoiced.

The gameplay is finally done right witch wasn't the biggest strong point about the metal gear franchise. The 3rd game almost got it down but not quite. Next to the gun play, it's jam packed full of moves and features. Their are diffirent ways you can approach the game each never being the same. The rolling technique for example takes some time to master. Just about every weapon can be customized, hell they even the Ipod was thrown in for good measure.


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Aug 13, 2007
It's now closing on almost two weeks of release and have played through the game a few times. Dust have settled if you will... and...

It exceeded all my expectations of the game and more.

The game is so well thought out, so well executed...

Each play through is better then the last.

Genius work.


Feb 26, 2006
It exceeded it.
GTAIV was like, oh it's like GTA usually is but better, this is cool, I like that, ummm, etc, etc
MGS4 was like, Whoa!, No way, Amazing, OMG!, You have gotta be ****ting me, unbelievable!..........dam I want more.


MGS4 perfected the MGS formula and then completely blew it up by allowing you to chose how you play the game.
I played halfway through GTA4 and it is just collecting dust right now. MGS4 is much more compelling for me & am replaying levels and really savoring them.


Nov 26, 2006
I just completed it on Normal mode, and I have been playing alot. I also work alot so I have made time to play. I found the game to surpass any hype this game had, its absolutely amazing to me. I look forward to playing MGO more with my headset and trying to get the big boss emblem which sounds like fun. Best game I have played in years


[QUOTE="TGO, post: 0]It exceeded it.
GTAIV was like, oh it's like GTA usually is but better, this is cool, I like that, ummm, etc, etc
MGS4 was like, Whoa!, No way, Amazing, OMG!, You have gotta be ****ting me, unbelievable!..........dam I want more.[/quote]

exactly, i was actually let down by gta iv, i was like "this it" i mean sure it was a good game from a technical standpoint and its story surpassed previous gta games (yes even vice city which i loved) but it didn't really bring anything revolutionary to the table in my opinion, apart from its use of the euphoria engine....but with mgs4 even though it too didn't do anything revolutionary what it did, it did great, compelling story, awesome graphics (no not best, i believe uncharted is still the standard) and it was a great all around game....and at the conclusion you felt wanting more but you were left satisfied and not like something was missing like gta iv made me feel


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Jan 31, 2008
i learned a lesson about getting hyped up for games after waiting patiently for gta iv for more than a i never again will hype myself for games and when i played mgs4...i gotta say it put my spirit in the skys...its def. worth the hype for a mgs fan or someone who has never played one.


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Nov 20, 2005
Firstly this game don't need hype at all you can sell millions everybody pretty much has heard or knows about Metal Gear. Im impressed by how well done it was very good work by Kojima and Konami it tells the story not just 90% gameplay and you hear story's and stuff threw codec from Otacon it plays out in front of you threw cutscenes. I really enjoy this game (I would say enjoyed but im playing it again soon) MGS4 is real next-gen IMO.


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May 24, 2005
Exceeded the hype. As said, MGS4 nailed the gameplay. Now, if the MGS series will abide by the gameplay of MGS4, the MGS series will further be played equally for BOTH story and gameplay. Gameplay wasn't ALWAYS MGS's strongest strength but it's equal to its story now.

Also note: MGS has always had fun gameplay - MGS4 just perfected it. I don't think I've played another action game with such awesome gameplay, and such depth to it too. I know no other action game has the presentation or story of this series as well.
Jun 19, 2008
This game definitely exceeded the hype. With Gta it starts out pretty fun and goes down hill; With MGS4 it starts out good and only gets better. This game definitely deserves every bit of the hype


[QUOTE="SolidFerret, post: 0]This game definitely exceeded the hype. With Gta it starts out pretty fun and goes down hill; With MGS4 it starts out good and only gets better. This game definitely deserves every bit of the hype[/quote]
Seriously I just started my 5th playthrough! I never beat GTA and probably wont ever play it again lol


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Feb 28, 2008
This game for me is the greatest game of all time. Once I have finished my second playthrough and am better able to articulate the depth of my amazement, awe and sheer joy at having come across this absolute masterpiece, I will do so.
Frankly I was afraid of this game. It LOOKED awesome from the trailers but I'd never played a Metal Gear game before and from what I'd heard, I thought I probably wouldn't like it. Sounded over-complicated and honestly, the idea of it being FUN to go through a game sneaking and not being seen and not killing anyone? It just sounded like it wasn't for me. I decided to get it because it LOOKED so beautiful in the trailers I figured I had to give it a try...

Boy was I wrong and boy am I glad I got it. Due to work I didn't get to play except for the first Sat/Sun of it's release and then this weekend. I finished my first playthrough Saturday night and started right over again. Yeah, yeah, the graphics are better than anything you've ever seen before. I was afraid it would be beautiful but the gameplay would be lame or not for me. WRONG! My god, this game could be PS2 or PS ONE quality in the graphics and still be AWESOME. The depth of the customization and how you can play the game, along with the story are just beyond belief. I know I sound like a fanboy here, but I guess I AM one now as far as this goes.

So for me, this game WAY over-delivered on the hype. I mean WAY over-delivered. I know I'll be playing it for quite some time to come.


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Oct 12, 2006
I typically lower my expectations from what the hype says, but even if I hadn't-- and with MGS, maybe I didn't, because it's my favoritest game evar!!eleventy1-- it would still have gone beyond the hype.

GTA... pretty much lived up to my expectations. I always get excited for a new one, and then it fizzles because the story isn't quite awesome enough to keep me interested, and the game takes too long. But it was pretty, and it was a fun way to spend some time, and over the course of a year or so, maybe I'll beat it.

Kojima is a master of entertainment: "always leave them wanting more!"


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Oct 7, 2007
Metal Gear Solid 4 went beyond the hype really.

I mean with GTA IV it was hyped sure.. and when it arrived, it was great - in my opinion, it lived up to the hype too. I enjoyed it, it was great fun and I loved the story and characters.

Metal Gear Solid 4 though, its in a whole 'nother world. You expected greatness, what you got was epic, beyond greatness and as close to perfection as we've seen on the PS3.

GTA IV suffered for its freezes and stuff too.. plus the online didn't work when trying to save progress/ranks.. so that probably contributed to people coming away with a negative opinion too.

MGO took me a little to get used to - and apart from suffering from some lag issues (its obviously much heavier than - say Burnout - for network transfer) its immensely good fun. There's plenty of game modes and I find it easy to pass away a few hours before prying myself off the lounge to do some work!

Metal Gear Solid 4 beat the hype.
GTA IV matched the hype - just.

Will either still be around in a few months when other titles appear?! Well probably not.. I mean there's always something else. There's always a multiplayer mode that all your mates are getting/playing, so you'll be there too.

I still think though, with both titles - as with previous AAA titles like Uncharted, that the game experience will live on long past your first or second play-through. They'll always be fantastic games that you could come back to and have another play of a few months.. even years down the track.



Lets just say the game has gone above and beyond all the hype it was getting.

And to reiterate on that, using myself as an example. When the game was released, I was not hyped for it...not at all. I was actually thinking about not even picking it up. Then I picked it up since everybody was having such a good time on it, and now I realize its the best game to be released in a very, VERY long time.

This game is not living on hype, nor living up to the hype. It is simply one seriously badass game that really doesn't need hype to make it go, since the second you play it you will instantly see its greatness.


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Nov 18, 2006
I bought my ps3 for this game and after second guessing my decision constatnly over the last couple of years this game finally made it worth it without a doubt, I feel that its the best game ever made, and easily the best game im ever going to play in my lifetime.
Sep 5, 2006
A bit of both. Living on it because I don't think the story, dialogue, character development, bosses, and overall plot measure up to the first three in the trilogy at all. The humor that I enjoyed from the first three are nearly non-existent, and Drebin and his monkey are the Jar-Jar Binks of this game. I also miss the informative, funny, enlightening, and all together entertainin codec convos with several people that there used to be. WTF happened?

Living up to it because the gameplay is immaculate. This game plays about as well as any Metal Gear game could. Everything fits well, and if any of the previous games were remade with this engine, they'd be more fun because of it. Graphics are superb also. Easily one of the best looking of this generation, especially the character models. Killzone, take notes, you've got some homework to do in this area.

I'm disappointed in many areas, thoroughly pleased in others.


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Apr 27, 2007
Hi Guys! Last night I played my way through act 2 and 3. I have always been a fan of this series, and This one, well this is something people have to see to believe. The story pulls you in and never stops. My wife who is a casula gamer herself was watching me play it (She's kinda new to these kinds of games) and even her jaw hit the floor. It seems to me that Hideo Kojima has finally done it (again!) and successfully blurred the line between a game and a Hollywood blockbuster hit movie. Even if I was just watching it, it would be a great show. Every scene and level just makes you go "I can't believe this, or how did they do that?" The only sad thing is that everything else almost pales by comparison. But yeah, to sum it up I would say he is deserving of every award that could be heaped upon him and the people who brought this game to life!!!
I also am so stoked that I bought the 40" Bravia 1080p to play it on as well as the dualshock controller. This is one of those strange instances where a $60 game can easily more than justify spending the $2000+ dollars for the rig to see it on!
Not bragging here, but it's just that when you buy a new TV for a lot of cash, and the PS3 and people think your crazy for it, then you see something like this, Well it WAS WORTH EVERY HARD EARNED PENNY!!!!!
Take it easy all, and be sure to take your 15 minute breaks and use an ashtray for proper disposal of smoking materials!!!


Up to, and beyond for sure.. First game in recent memory that I've beat twice. I'm actually looking forward to another playthrough!