Is socom Overhyped? will I like it?

Jul 1, 2008
*cough* haze, GTA4, LBP*cough*

I gotta say, since I bought my ps3 (during the summer) Only games I really enjoyed fully were mgs4 and Uncharted and mayble a lil bit of cod4

Games I played/owned that didnt really do it for me

Grid,Sc4,Resistance,Motostorm, warhawk(garbage), ut3, madden 09, pure, dmc4, gt5p...
sold all of them. among those are games that were really hyped up.

I guess right now I'm in desperate need to rediscover my love for games cause atm my ps3 is just a music box

Now Socom (I've neer played socom before...and I hate campers...), I've read up on it and its seems really good and all but the beta is getting really bad feedback and people are saying its gonna be garbage
ex. the proximity chat(you can hear your opponents if you're close enough to them)

I'm a weee bit skeptical. I cant afford to waste money on another overhyped game...


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Oct 18, 2006
I dont think its over hyped but by what you said it sounds like this is defiantly not be the game you want to pick up.BTW i have been spawn camped more times then i can recall.


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Mar 4, 2008
So, do you enjoy anything??
Na jokes,
i understand where you are coming from, you get so much info about games and then you expect them to be GODLY, but their not.
I haven't heard much hype about it, but i know it will sell alot because of the PS2 players and Beta testers, looks like just a tactical shooter online-fest to me. You might enjoy it if you liked MGO i suppose
Jun 29, 2008
There are campers in this game. There are campers in every game. Deal with it. This game takes a lot of skill and teamwork which is what its all about. If you don't have patience or just want to rush to the enemy as fast as possible, don't get this game. There have been issues in the beta but those will hopefully be solved in the full game. The beta was a somewhat old build anyway. People that say the game is garbage aren't really fair, because it is only a beta. I reserved my copy and plan to pick it up regardless, because even if it does start of a little rusty, it has a lot of support from the developer so they can just do some updates.

The proximity chat was put in on purpose, and isn't a bad feature. It just adds realism to the game. In the beta, it had hardly any effect anyways. Just wait for the reviews. If you want, I can give you a brief review on it when I get it.
Jul 1, 2008
I appreciate it

I need to get addicted to a game quick! or I'll end up selling my ps3 (depending on how the R2 beta goes)

I'm all for getting into a tactical shooter, I love the mgs series afterall

My plan is to preorder it tomorrow while my friend and I pick up nba 2k9

I just need some last minute insight


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Sep 7, 2008
Warhawk is not garbage and the other games u listed that u say u don't like are not bad games, some are great

I have the socomm beta and don't like it ..... I think the graphics are terrible
Aug 31, 2008
Wow. Based on the list of games you didn't like I would find it nearly impossible to suggest any game for you. Socom is not for everyone. Huge CoD4 fans might be put off by the fact that Socom requires actual skill and teamwork, unlike the mindless fragfest that is CoD4. Proximity chat is one of the greatest features ever, and the graphics are not terrible. If you compare them to CoD4 they are a step down, but the levels are much bigger and the max number of players is nearly double that of the largest possible CoD4 game. Taking the average CoD4 game, Socom supports nearly triple the players. There are campers in every online game but I would say there are more in Socom. It's just the nature of the game. Using camo, staying in the shadpws, moving slowly or not at all, and using a silenced weapon get you much farther than run and gun. It's really hard to say if you'll like it. The only game you mention that might be actually bad is Haze. I haven't played it, but I bet it's not as bad as many reviews make it out to be, just not as great as people hoped. Warhawk... garbage? Warhawk is some of the most fun I've ever had online so all my opinions are probably suspect.