Issues with Copied Saves

May 17, 2020
Hello all!

I recently added a new account to my PS3, and subscribed to PS Plus to be able to transfer my saves from the previous account for games such as Mass Effect 2, Mirror's Edge, and inFamous.
I am disappointed that the games either do not recognize the saves at all, or the system tells me it cannot load the save because it is from another user.
Is there a way around this issue, or are saves made in one account stuck in only that one?


The Last of Us
Staff member
Dec 16, 2006
Only through using PS Now. IIRC then the flow is something like:

Ensure PS3 saves are in the cloud. Then...Start PS Now game -> Hit HOME -> Choose PS Now XMB -> Game -> Game Saves (PS3) -> Online Saves -> Select game and the save you want -> Option Menu -> Copy (or Copy Multiple)

I may have got the exact menu names slightly wrong, but you'll be able to recognise what I mean when you're in the menu.