Japan excited about PS3 games: Four of Famitsu top 10 most wanted on PS3

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Oct 31, 2006
Four of the Famitsu top ten most wanted on PS3

The PS3 has received another boost in its homeland, after four PS3 games featured in the top ten most wanted games in Famitsu.

Although it was DS game Dragon Quest IX that took top spot, it was trailed home by [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Final [COLOR=blue! important]Fantasy[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] XIII, Resident Evil 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4 in second, third and fourth respectively.
These were joined by the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 in ninth spot, with The Last Remnant (14), White Knight Story (15) and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (18) also making appearances in the top 20.
By contrast, the Wii and 360 could only manage one game each in the top ten. [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Smash [COLOR=blue! important]Bros [/COLOR][COLOR=blue! important]Brawl[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] was fifth, while Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey came in seventh. Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) finished 11th.
Even the usually dominant handhelds have been shown up somewhat: the usually rampant DS managed four entries in the top ten, while the PSP had but one game in the top 20.
Whether this will translate into a huge increase in sales is open to debate, however. The chart itself is compiled using votes cast by Famitsu’s readers rather than taking a representative cross section of the games market itself.
On the whole though, it seems things are on the up for the PS3 in Japan, which we’re sure will keep its fans happy. Or at least, give people on forums more stuff to argue about.
Here’s the top 20 in full (with the number of votes cast in brackets): 01. Dragon Quest IX (DS, 2,544)
02. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 2,525)
03. Resident Evil 5 (PS3, 1,894)
04. Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3, 1,498)
05. [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]Super [COLOR=blue! important]Smash [/COLOR][COLOR=blue! important]Bros[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]. Brawl (Wii, 1,327)

06. Dragon Quest IV (DS, 1,018)
07. Lost Odyssey (360, 998)
08. Dragon Quest VI (DS, 973)
09. Devil May Cry 4 (PS3, 861)
10. Final Fantasy VI (DS, 818)
11. Monster Hunter 3 (Wii, 743)
12. Layton Kyouju to Akuma no Hako (DS, 737),br> 13. Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden (PS2, 724)
14. The Last Remnant (PS3, 701)
15. White Knight Story (PS3, 690)
16. Animal Crossing (Wii, 652)

17. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP, 652)
18. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3, 586)
19. Dragon Quest V (DS, 566)
20. SD Gundam (PS2, 562)
more good news for sonys ps3,is the ps3 now ready to take number one spot and hold it.

Nov 6, 2005
it has been liked that for a while...i know at once we use to get the update every week...i wonder what happened...either way it is good news...but can you imagine when more games get announced...what the list will look like...