Just Cause 4 - WTF did they do to this game??


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Nov 14, 2007
I have always loved the Just Cause series. JC2 is probably my favorite of them all. JC3 was pretty good as well and I was so excited for JC4. That is until I started playing it....

The graphics seem to have gotten worse. I am playing on the One X and the pop-ups in this game are terrible. The graphics seem over saturated and the controls seem to loose. They also added many new features to the grappling hook which has now created a very confusing menu system to change your hook functions.

And the tornado's in the game do nothing to hurt you. You can literally pull out your parachute and basically float to the top of the twister and stay there forever.

This game suck...


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Mar 27, 2006
Are the missions still repetitive? I didn't like that about Just Cause 3. The gameplay I watched on IGN for this latest entry looked ridiculous but not in a good way. All the guy did was shoot enemies, parachute them into the air while a woman nagged him to disable or reactivate nearby towers during a lightning storm. It looked last-gen visually and I'm pretty sure I watched the same canned animations play out.

What is it about the current generation of AAA multiplatform sequels being more or less underwhelming? Seriously, google this game and the first result talks about an incoming patch to fix it. Stop releasing broken games!!
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