Killzone: Mercenary Shows what the Vita Could have been!!


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Oct 14, 2013
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A couple of weeks ago I downloaded Killzone: Mercenary as it was the free game for PS+ but never got around to playing it mainly due to all the decent PS4 games that have been released lately. Finally got round to giving it a go last night and I have to say it was like trying a new food and finding it surprisingly tasty, and I was even more impressed by just how graphically clean and smooth it was considering the handheld that it's played on.

It's surprising easy to pick up and play which considering it's a first person shooter on a handheld I found myself killing enemies with ease once I got my head round the controls. The Hellgast are cleaver enemies too, many times I found myself shooting at walls and floors as they ducked in and out of cover, spraying bullets in my general direction hoping that perhaps maybe one would hit it's target.

The level designs are rather simple, there are some wide open spaces but in general the game takes you down one path and one path only but I suppose it is to be expected from something as simple as the Vita, but I found it not to have any detrimental effect on the enjoyment of the game so most of the time you don't even notice.

I also like the fact that you earn "money" whilst playing depending on how many enemies you kill, the way you kill them and taking out any other destroyable objects on your way. This can then be spent on new guns, amour and special drones that you can buy from many of the arms dealer crates you find throughout levels. It also allows you to change your load outs in game which I found a pleasure rather than having to always choose which guns you want to enjoy at the title screen only, bit of a shame other games haven't adopted this as it can change the way you want to play the game.

Then there are the graphics, don't get me wrong they sure ain't going to win many awards but I was very pleased with just how good they are, almost on par with early PS3 games and even with multiple enemies on screen I experienced no lag or pop ups which got me thinking "This is how good the Vita COULD have been had Sony paid it enough attention".

The Vita needed more games like this, games that took it's technical ability and stretched it as far as it could go, games that you could take with you where ever and enjoy them just as much as if it was your home console! Sadly this is not the case anymore, developers don't want to put the time and effort into something which isn't selling by the millions and Sony are to blame for the majority of it because they don't even believe in the product themselves!

The Vita could have been so much more and Killzone: Mercenary provides proof of that statement, I guess it shall always been known as one of those games that shows just what the Vita can achieve given time and effort!
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May 9, 2007
It's been my argument with the Vita for so long with having this since release. It is a very capable device for big budget titles/AAA whatever people want to call them. Which is why I'm so pissed at how things went for the Vita with minimal first party support and if Sony do make another handheld which promises 'console gaming experiences on the go' I won't be jumping on the bandwagon like I did with the Vita, I've lost all faith in them with regards to handhelds.

Mercenary runs on a modified version of the KZ3 engine from PS3, the ground work is already there for a sequel or another killzone title as is the same for Uncharted GA, Gravity Rush etc but we won't be seeing anymore like them unfortunately and they're the reason why I wanted a Vita.

I know the Vita is strong for jrpgs and indies but they're not for me, I don't enjoy them. More choice, variety and the odd couple of Western games per year would have been met with open arms by alot of annoyed vita owners IMO. Especially when they've had a taste of what it can do with the likes of KZ, UC, NFS, Unit 8, AC, Rayman etc


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May 23, 2015
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Need for Speed Rivals was another free download (from when EA offered it free for the duration of some show or other last year). Although the game itself is so-so it's graphically pretty solid on that little device, surprisingly so in fact. haven't got round to KZ:M on it yet but from what @Duffman says that sounds pretty positive too.

Overall a shame the Vita doesn't recieve much support as that little device had a lot of potential


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Sep 3, 2006
Truthfully, it's not viable. It's a great machine, but it's expensive and risky to develop such high-end games, with a lower price point.


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Nov 14, 2007
[QUOTE="Naxi, post: 6458974]Truthfully, it's not viable. It's a great machine, but it's expensive and risky to develop such high-end games, with a lower price point.[/QUOTE]

That is no excuse. The 3DS XL is the same price and does just fine. Sony failed to support their own device.


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Sep 3, 2006
[QUOTE="Lethal, post: 6458975]That is no excuse. The 3DS XL is the same price and does just fine. Sony failed to support their own device.[/QUOTE]
I'm talking about developing games, these graphics don't come cheap.


May 2, 2015
Yeah I think they were hoping for PSP-sized user base in order to justify those graphics budgets. Sad that never happened.

The 3DS has played things so much better in that respect. Look at games like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem. All massive successes on the 3DS. I guarantee they all cost a lot less to make than Killzone or Uncharted.
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