Kung-Fu Live Thread


I'm a hater, a traito.
Aug 26, 2007
Who's bought it?
I have and what I've played so far shows it will be a good game, I just can't get the background remover working properly.
Some of me is missing, or some of the wall shows up, it's annoying. I've changed and altered everything I can but can't get it right.
The wall behind me is regular magnolia (cream) paint. I was wearing all black to start with, but that didn't work right so I changed to grey, still wasn't right.
I tried putting a lamp behind me, nope, infront, nope. So anyone who has got this working well some tips would be nice please.
From what I could play, (I think the first 4 levels before I got annoyed) I really liked the concept, and it was quite vigorous. I was pretty tired after. Maybe I worked harder because my arm kept disappearing but Christ it was a workout :lol:

Share your thoughts please, and also tips on the background remover.
Apr 3, 2007
This game is terrible. Between this and The Fight, I've decided to avoid anything that relies on face recognition, head tracking, body tracking etc.